Stanford University
B.A. Public Policy, 2005
M.S. Engineering, 2005

Loyola Law School
Juris Doctor, 2009.

Activities & Affiliations

Criminal Courts Bar Association
Independent Defender Program, LACBA


Admitted in California
U.S. District Court, Central District of California
U.S. District Court



Sam Tyre is an experienced trial attorney practicing all areas of criminal law. He has represented clients charged with a great variety of crimes, including DUIs, domestic violence, drug sales, gang-related crimes, large scale thefts and embezzlements, and murders. Mr. Tyre has earned numerous dismissals prior to cases even being filed (prosecution rejects) as well as dismissals after formal charges have been filed.

Mr. Tyre is an unrelenting advocate, and his top priority is getting the best result for his clients. He prides himself on personally handling every step of every case, and on doing his absolute best to pursue the most favorable outcome for each of his clients. He does not advertise, and instead gains clients through the referrals of satisfied clients, as well as from other Judges and lawyers, including prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Mr. Tyre practices throughout the State of California. Mr. Tyre is well-known and respected in the legal community, and he has established very good working relationships with prosecutors. He has a reputation for honesty and candor, allowing for smoother negotiations and encouraging mutual efforts that result in plea agreements most beneficial to his clients. He is also known for never being afraid to take a case to trial if he feels it is in the best interest of his client, and he has a very strong record of success.
In Sam’s spare time, he enjoys swimming, golf and spending time with his wife and two children.

Representative Experience.
Sam has represented thousands of people in Superior Court and conducted numerous trials to verdict. Some of his most recent verdicts include:

  1. Third Strike DUI with Injury–Jury Verdict, Not Guilty (People v. A.D.)
  2. Assault with a Deadly Weapon–Jury Verdict, Not Guilty (People v. P.R.)
  3. Assault with a Deadly Weapon – Jury Verdict, Not Guilty (People v. P.L.)
  4. Sales of Marijuana, and Cultivation of Marijuana – Jury Verdict, Not Guilty
    (People v. G.M.)
  5. Two Separate Incidents of Prostitution – Hung Jury, Case Dismissed (People
    v. Z.Y.)
  6. DUI – Two Times the Legal Limit – Jury Trial, Not Guilty (People v. J.G.)
  7. Robbery of a Gas Station–Jury Verdict, Not Guilty (People v. G.D.)
  8. Sales of Crack Cocaine–Jury Verdict, Not Guilty (People v. R.J.)
  9. Prostitution – Jury Trial, Hung Jury, Case Dismissed (People v. Z.Y.)
  10. Prostitution – Jury Verdict, Not Guilty (People v. X.Y.)
  11. Two Strike Threatening a Judge and Public Defender – Jury Verdict, Not
    Guilty (People v. E.G)
  12. Felony Dissuading a Witness, Criminal Threats, Domestic Violence – Jury
    Verdict, Not Guilty (People v. Q.W.)
  13. Prostitution – Jury Verdict, Not Guilty (People v. S.T.)
  14. Prostitution – Jury Verdict, Not Guilty (People v. C.Y.)
  15. Molestation of Six Victims, Fifteen Counts – Jury Trial, Hung Jury (People v.
  16. Prostitution – Jury Verdict, Not Guilty (People v. H.C.)
  17. Sexual Battery of Multiple Victims – Jury Verdict, Not Guilty (People v. Z.S.)
  18. Attempted Murder, Victim Shot Six Times – Two Jury Trials, Hung Jury
    (People v. L.H.)
  19. Child Abuse and Domestic Violence – Jury Verdict, Not Guilty (People v.
  20. Prostitution – Jury Verdict, Not Guilty (People v. K.W.)