John Tyre

John Tyre is a lifetime Southern California resident who has for his entire legal career done only criminal defense. In the 1980-81 he worked as a law clerk in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office under current District Attorney, Stephen Cooley. After passing the bar on his first attempt, he opened his first office in Covina and has been defending those charged with crimes ever since.

Awards & Recognition 

Mr. Tyre has handled over 100 cases involving murders including those cases involving the death penalty. He has been chosen to represent those charged with capital crimes by a special board of judges in Los Angeles County and is qualified to do any/all cases in Los Angeles County which includes being appointed on death penalty cases. In Los Angeles County, to qualify as one of these attorneys requires years of work, continuing legal education and a vast amount of trial experience. Recently, Mr. Tyre was selected to represent the worst serial killer in the history of Los Angeles City. (People v. Chester Turner). In order to handle such a matter, the court consider all qualifications of the attorney and chose Mr. Tyre for that assignment.

Certified Criminal Specialist  

Mr. Tyre has done more than 450 trials and has handled in excess of 15,000 cases over his career. He has been recognized for the past 10 years as a Certified Criminal Specialist by the State Bar of California. In order to achieve this honor you not only have to have the experience and expertise, but also have the recommendation of Judges and Deputy District Attorneys.

President of the Criminal Courts Bar Association 

Mr. Tyre served as President of the Criminal Courts Bar Association of Los Angeles County from 2012-2013. He is currently on their Board of Directors and was a past member of the ICDA Disciplinary Committee.

Mr. Tyre’s expertise and knowledge make his offices the place to seek out when you have a question concerning a criminal matter and need that personal attention. Even criminal defense attorneys who have a question call Mr. Tyre!

Bar # 106432


We, at the Law Offices of John Tyre, dedicate ourselves to every case we accept. John Tyre, a California State Certified Specialist in Criminal Law will thoroughly analyze all aspects of each case to help clients obtain the best possible outcome.

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